What we do...

1. Consultation

Consultation consists of meeting with the homeowner, seeing the space (or floor plans if they exist), getting a sense of what is important (both in terms of what's necessary and what's desirable), and offering suggestions and recommendations. This can be a two-hour informal process, or it can be more in-depth--ranging over multiple sessions and containing sketches, a report, or sometimes, even making a scale model.

2. Planning

Planning consists of the initial consultation, then developing a working plan with drawings and specifications to go out for contracting bids. Sourcing/Shopping is generally not part of the job unless specifically requested.

3. Project Management

Project Management consists of overseeing the construction phase of the job. This is on behalf of the homeowner to make sure that the job is being done correctly and to specification. In theory, this should not be necessary; a good general contractor doesn't need oversight, but it's often difficult to find a G.C. who will look out for a client's best interest.

What's the design process?

Every project is unique and has its own complexities. The design process starts with some questions to get to know the homeowner and set some guidelines about the project. From there, a brief is put together with project goals and a timeline. Analysis of those goals and research (both spacial and product) are the next steps in the process. Design ideas and thumbnails are then developed, refined, and presented. Check our FAQ page for more info.

Costs and Pricing

Depending on the level of service, design costs can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. Keep in mind that very often, the savings due to the design more than exceed the fee. A binding estimate is provided in advance; any additional work is charged at 1/2 day increments. Any out-of-pocket expenses are billed at cost.

Location and Travel

The services provided can be for any projects in the U.S. Although it is always preferable to do a site inspection, it is possible to design remotely and get excellent solutions. Our office is based in the NYC metropolitan area. Please contact us about specific situations and concerns.